KLMS Co-Owner Ronnie Jones

KLMS Co-Owner Ronnie Jones

Owner says race track has good start

(Filed April 16, 2014) Draffenville- Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway Co-owner Ronnie Jones said the race track had good start over the weekend, had a good crowd and finished racing by 9:45 p.m. They had 64 race cars at the track nearly triple the number of cars at the Clarksville track on the same night. Jones made his comments Wednesday morning, April 16, 2014 at the Marshall County Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting in Draffenville at Majestic Steakhouse.

Jones admitted that the track’s biggest test would be coming on April 26 when they will fill an open date on the national schedule. He said they already had 75 cars pre-entered for that race night. He also said they would probably be looking at an earlier starting time to be sure they could meet the permitted race ending time of 11:30 p.m.

Jones told the audience at the breakfast they felt their biggest challenge was to get the race program to match the track facility which he said was nationally known in racing circles.

Jones was very candid about the operation of the track and his and co-owner James Hail’s quest to get an entertainment permit for the track. He said the track manager had resigned early last week but they continued on with the race and most of the race car drivers were complementary of the track conditions. He said spectators were happy with everything but some of the food prices and he was having a meeting with the food vendors to talk about that.

Jones also they were headed in the right direction but they did need some new employees to replace what they had lost. The track employs about 25 part-time workers.

Seating at the track can accommodate 6,000 people and according to Jones the largest previous crowds at the track was between 10 and 11 thousand people. Open their opening night last Saturday night the paid admission crowd numbered about 1600 people. They expect a far great number for the race on April 26.

Jones said it was his goal to have those races that drew 10 to 11 thousand people. He also said they were looking at hosting other events at the race track other than races. He said they had been contacted by one band but they had not entered into any discussions.