Calvert City to host "Clean, Green, Let's be Seen" to benefit our community this Saturday

(Filed April 7, 2014) green energy

The City of Calvert is sponsoring “Clean, Green, Let’s be Seen” on Saturday, April 12, from 9:30 a.m. – Noon at the Calvert City Civic Center. Not only will they accept household hazardous materials from Calvert City residents but also recyclables.

Volunteers are also needed to help spring clean the city too by picking up roadside garbage. Lunch will be provided for volunteers.

There can be many ways in which you can keep the city clean and plenty of good reasons why. A clean city helps to promote tourism. This is a fact that tourism increases economy of the country. Tourists are attracted to those cities which are clean and inviting. A clean city is a healthy city. Heaps of garbage and wastes will give rise to insects, mosquitoes and flies which in turn will lead to disease.

A clean city helps to preserve the environment. Throwing waste products such as plastic cans, wrappers and many more things in the parks, gardens and other places can degrade the environment.

A clean city is a must for future generations. Present generations have the availability of everything in hand. But, if we keep using everything in such large quantities and thus keep destroying natural reserves, monuments, historical buildings and natural landscapes, then future generations will never have any idea about our history or our culture and they will also be devoid of our natural scenery.

signA clean city brings people together. Bykeeping the city clean, it will impart a civic sense which will help in the long run to achieve something big in life. It will show what the power of a group of individuals can accomplish when working together towards a common cause and will foster neighborhood pride.

House-hold Hazardous Materials that will be accepted from Calvert City Residents Only includ:
• Solvent base paints (flammable), paint thinners, gasoline, acids, caustics, pesticides, etc.,
• Latex paint and water based products
• Used oils and antifreeze
• Mercury and Mercury Containing Apparatus
• Thermometers, switches, manometers, thermostats, etc.
• Fluorescent Lamps, Standard 4 and 8 foot bulbs /Fluorescent Lamps, Circline and U-tube bulbs/Sodium,
• Mercury Vapor, or HID Lamps/Compact Fluorescent Bulbs                         
• Tires from Calvert City Residents Only                      
• Old Medicine (please bag sharps, pills & liquids separately)

Accepting on site:  Recyclables (newspaper, white paper, aluminum cans, plastic drink bottles & cardboard)
You can also call 270-395-7138 for more information and sign up to volunteer. Together everyone can make a difference.